Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sparky Anderson- First Ever ELA Hall of Fame Induction

Hello All!  After a while from the blogosphere I am back.  When the sad news of the death of Sparky Anderson today I decided to induct him into the Everybody Loves Autos Hall of Fame.  The Everybody Loves Autos Hall of Fame will consist of only players I have autographs of.  Each month, I will post a poll with four players' names and you will decide which of those four should be inducted into the Everybody Loves Autos Hall of Fame.  The players in the ELA Hall of Fame do not necessarily have to be in the Hall of Fame of their sport.

Now let's get to the first ever induction, Sparky Anderson.  Sparky Anderson was not much of a player but man was he a hell of a manager.  Anderson would carry his team into three World Series and was a two-time AL manager of the year.  Anderson is sixth all-time in wins as a manager and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2000.  I sent to Anderson earlier this year but he did not sign my card and just sent this index card with his first name signed in pen.

Anderson passed away at the age of 76 today due to problems with dementia.  I wish the Anderson family the best at this difficult time.

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