Saturday, September 25, 2010

Atlantic League Week, Part 1- A Former Met

This is my first post this week because I have been sick all week and just got better yesterday.  I planned on having an Atlantic League Week showcasing all my autos from the Atlantic League due to the fact that the playoffs started this week.  I decided I would still do it but start Atlantic League Week today.  I went to game three of the Freedom Division series between the Somerset Patriots and York Revolution last night and obtained this autograph in person as well as another.  I also saw that a fellow blogger went to game two (Dion's IP Autos).

Bill Pulsipher played for five different teams in his six season MLB career including playing for my, New York Mets.  Pulsipher went 10-13 in his MLB career with an ERA of 5.15.  Pulsipher was at one point supposed to be a savior for the Mets until he had to have Tommy John surgery after his rookie season.  Pulsipher did not make it back in the pros until three years later.

Pulsipher suffered many injuries in his MLB career and I have to think if he didn't he could have had a solid MLB career.  Pulsipher is now a member of the Somerset Patriots where he went 5-1 with an ERA of 3.18.  If he wasn't 36 I bet he would have a chance to make it back in an MLB orginazation.

Pulsipher has given the Patriots there only win in the series so far with the Patriots being down 1-2 in the series with a game tonight.  I hope they can get the next two games and go in to the Atlantic League Championship game.  I would like to thank Pulsipher for taking the time to sign for me before the game last night.


  1. I'm rooting for York tonight, but I'm glad Pulipher got a win in the series. I'm guessing that he'll be off to winter ball again once the Atlantic League season is over.

  2. I have to root for the Patriots because they are the closest Atlantic League team to where I live, I'm also quite glad Pulsipher got the win, he could have been a star if not for all the injuries and yeah you are probably right about winter ball, I know he's old but I hope he gets one more chance in the bigs.