Saturday, September 4, 2010

TTM Success 9/1/10- Masterson of His Domain

This post is my last TTM I received on Wednesday but I still have two more I received this week which I will be posting tomorrow and Monday.

This card is autographed by Indians starter, Justin Masterson.  Masterson is currently in his second season with the Indians after being traded to the team by the Red Sox.  Masterson isn't having a stellar season this year but what do you expect when you play for the Indians.

Masterson is 5-12 this season with a 5.04 ERA.  Masterson's career stats include 15 wins and 27 losses with a 4.42 ERA.

I am a big Masterson fan due to the fact that he is a former member of the Red Sox and I appreciate that he took the time to sign this card for my collection.


  1. How long did he take? and did you send it to the stadium?

  2. It took about two months and yes I did sent it to the stadium.