Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Topps Gridiron Giveaway

Recently I had a post about the Topps Million Card Giveaway.  Well, today I put in a code in the Topps Gridiron Giveaway and came away with another dandy.  The card above is a 1956 Topps Billy Wilson.

Wilson was a wide receiver for the 49ers from 1951-1960.  Wilson was also a six-time Pro Bowler.  Wilson's career stats include 407 receptions for 5,902 yards with 49 touchdowns.  Sadly, Wilson passed away last year.  RIP Billy.

Man, do I love these giveaways, sometimes the cards you get are junk but in lucky times you can get a nice, old card like this.  I can't wait for next's years Diamond Giveaway.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Brave's Star Rookie Reliever

Yesterday, the man in this photo Braves reliever, Michael Dunn got his second career MLB win.  Dunn has had a breakout season having a mere 1.04 ERA in 22 games.

Prior to being called up to the majors, Dunn went 2-0 with a 1.52 ERA on the Braves Triple-A team, the Gwinnett Braves.  Dunn had spent time on the Yankees last year having a 6.75 ERA in four innings.

Dunn signed this card for me earlier in the year through the mail and I would like to thank him for taking the time to sign a card for my collection.  Dunn is a future MLB star, just look at his stellar rookie season this year.

Monday, September 27, 2010

TTM Success 9/27/10- Pro Bowl TE

As you can see Atlantic League Week has come to an abrupt end because my Somerset Patriots were eliminated from the Atlantic League playoffs but never fear a TTM is here.  This TTM is from none other than Dallas Clark.

Clark has been a member of the Colts since 2003 and has improved each year on the team.  Last year, Clark had an astounding 100 receptions from star QB, Peyton Manning along with 1,106 receiving yards and ten touchdowns.  Clark was named a Pro Bowler and was a First-Team NFL All-Pro.

Clark already has 21 catches on the season with 207 yards and two touchdowns, which shows just how well he already is playing.  I would like to thank Clark for taking the time to sign a card for my collection and I expect him to see him with another Pro Bowl season this year.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Atlantic League Week, Part 2- Former Red Sox Prospect

This is the second post of Atlantic League Week featuring Somerset Patriots IF Iggy Suarez.  This was also the other card I got signed on Friday night. Last night, the Patriots tied the series against the York Revolution and will be playing the decisive game in less than an hour.  After a rough Giants loss today, I hope my Somerset Patriots can get the win.

Suarez had been in the Red Sox organization since 2003 until this year.  Suarez had a career minor league average of .243 with 78 stolen bases and 251 RBIs.  The highest Suarez got in the Red Sox organization was last year when he made it to the Pawtucket Red Sox, the Red Sox Triple-A team.  Suarez had a solid season this year with the Patriots batting .266 with 30 RBIs.  Suarez had been hitless in the playoffs until last night's win.

I would like to thank Suarez for taking the time to sign for me before the game and hope he can help lead the Patriots to a big win today.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Atlantic League Week, Part 1- A Former Met

This is my first post this week because I have been sick all week and just got better yesterday.  I planned on having an Atlantic League Week showcasing all my autos from the Atlantic League due to the fact that the playoffs started this week.  I decided I would still do it but start Atlantic League Week today.  I went to game three of the Freedom Division series between the Somerset Patriots and York Revolution last night and obtained this autograph in person as well as another.  I also saw that a fellow blogger went to game two (Dion's IP Autos).

Bill Pulsipher played for five different teams in his six season MLB career including playing for my, New York Mets.  Pulsipher went 10-13 in his MLB career with an ERA of 5.15.  Pulsipher was at one point supposed to be a savior for the Mets until he had to have Tommy John surgery after his rookie season.  Pulsipher did not make it back in the pros until three years later.

Pulsipher suffered many injuries in his MLB career and I have to think if he didn't he could have had a solid MLB career.  Pulsipher is now a member of the Somerset Patriots where he went 5-1 with an ERA of 3.18.  If he wasn't 36 I bet he would have a chance to make it back in an MLB orginazation.

Pulsipher has given the Patriots there only win in the series so far with the Patriots being down 1-2 in the series with a game tonight.  I hope they can get the next two games and go in to the Atlantic League Championship game.  I would like to thank Pulsipher for taking the time to sign for me before the game last night.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Topps Million Card Giveaway

This is my first post ever that will not include an autographed card.  I was looking through my cards and found one of the Topps Million Card Giveaway inserts and was really psyched.

I typed in the code and ended up getting this 1955 Ted Kazanski.  I could not be happier with this card (well I could because I hate the Phillies) but it is now my oldest card in my collection.  I have many cards from the 60's through now but did not have any prior to 1960.

Kazanski played for the Phillies from 1953-1958 and his career stats include an average of .217 with 14 home runs and 116 RBIs in 417 games.  I plan to get this card shipped to me right away and hope to get many more of these inserts.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Celtic Warrior/ WWE Champion

Most people do not know I am a wrestling fan probably due to the fact that I have never posted about it but I am a huge wrestling fan.  If you’re a wrestling fan you know that tomorrow is the WWE's Night of Champions PPV so I decided to showcase these autographs today because these are of the current WWE champion, Sheamus.

Sheamus, whose real name is Stephen Farrelly is now one of the top stars in the WWE after having a breakout year last year and is currently in his second reign as the WWE champ, with many more to come. Before coming to the WWE, Farrelly wrestled in Ireland and the WWE's developmental company, Florida Championship Wrestling where he was at one point the FCW Heavyweight Champion.

I am a huge Sheamus fan and this is one of my favorite autographs in my collection and I would like to thank him for signing these cards.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Twin's Star Pitcher

This post is to honor Twins starter, Brian Duensing who increased his number of wins to nine last night.

Duensing is having a real breakout season this year after being moved from the bullpen to the starting rotation.  Last season, he went 5-2 with a 3.64 ERA in 24 games, nine of those being starts.

Duensing was already having quite a good season before being moved to the starting rotation but since being a starter Duensing has looked like a future All-Star.  Duensing is 9-2 on the season with a 2.07 ERA in 50 games, ten of those being starts.

Duensing has had an amazing season and all I see is more good things to come.  Also, I recently received a message about what I have for trade, I'm working on that right now and hopefully will have a post up about that this weekend.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Trade With BA Benny

This is my first post that is not completely about autographs.  I made a trade with BA Benny and wow what a guy!
First are some Red Sox rookies, the Red Sox are my team other than the Mets.  These rookie cards include Dice-K, David Murphy, Kason Gabbard, Kelly Shoppach, Jon Lester, Clay Buchholz and a Hanley Ramirez as a member of Red Sox.  He also sent a couple more rookies as well as some chrome and a whole bunch of base.
These are some of the Giants cards he sent as well as a rookie card of my favorite NFL player Patrick Willis.  The Giants rookies include four Brandon Jacobs cards as well as a Aaron Ross rookie card.
These two cards were the main part of the deal a Curt Schilling game used card as well as an autographed card of former Met Brian Stokes.  The reason I wanted the Stokes auto is because I am trying to start a project to get an auto of every player to play for the Mets since 2006, if that set is completed I will try to get the Mets who played 2000-2005.

Once again thanks to BA Benny for the wonderful trade and I hope you like the cards I sent.

Friday, September 10, 2010

TTM Success 9/9/10- A First-Year Yankee and Former All-Star

Once again I'm posting my TTM a day late.  This is an autographed photo of Yankees outfielder, Curtis Granderson.  Granderson does not sign any cards TTM but sends back the card you sent and this 4x6.

Granderson is currently is his first year with the Yankees after six seasons with the Tigers where he has batted .246 with 17 home runs and 48 RBIs.  He was an All-Star last season and has led the MLB in triples once and the American League twice.

I am a big Granderson fan even though I hate the Yankees and appreciate that he took the time to sign the photo.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Atlantic League All-Star

I decided to post this card today because last night the man featured on this card, Jason Perry of the Lancaster Barnstormers hit his 22nd home run which is second in the Atlantic League.

Perry has been a member of the Blue Jays, A's, Tigers, Rays and Braves organization.  Perry has only played in one MLB season and that was with the Braves in 2008 where he had 17 at bats and batted .118 with an RBI.  Hey, if he never makes it back to the bigs he'll always be able to say he had an RBI in the MLB.

Perry has played in the Atlantic League the past two seasons having an amazing season this year batting .295 with 22 home runs and 72 RBIs.

Perry could be back in an MLB organization next season if he continues his play.  Perry signed this for me earlier this season and could not have been a nicer guy, so I wish him all the best and hope to see him with an MLB team soon.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Flowers Back in the Bigs

This post is in honor of White Sox catcher, Tyler Flowers who played in his first game of the 2010 MLB season today.

Flowers is currently playing in his second MLB season but it is technically his first due to the fact that he only had 16 at bats last season.  Next year, will probably be his first MLB season because I highly doubt that he will get the amount of at bats needed to no longer be a rookie in just a month.

Flowers has been in the top hundred prospects according to Baseball America the past two years, being rated 99th last year and 60th this year.  Prior to September callups, Flowers played for the White Sox Triple-A team, the Charlotte Knights where he batted .220 with 16 home runs and 53 RBIs.

I hope to see Flowers have a great September.

Monday, September 6, 2010

TTM Success 9/3/10- A Former All-Star

This is my last TTM I received in the mail last week.  This card is autographed by Mariners 2B, Chone Figgins.

Figgins is currently in his first year with the Mariners after eight years with the Angels.  He is currently batting .245 with 32 RBIS and 35 stolen bases, which ranks eight in the MLB, seventh in the American League.  Figgins is always near the top in stolen bases and even finished in first in 2005 with 62.

Figgins was an All-Star last year with the Angels and has finished in the top 25 for AL MVP four times being 24th in 2004, 17th in 2005, 20th in 2007 and 10th last year.

If Figgins picks his average up could be an All-Star again and I appreciate that Figgins took the time to sign this awesome Allen & Ginter for my collection.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

TTM Success 9/2/10- Sharpley as a Tack

This is a TTM I received on Thursday, I still have one more TTM to post from last week which will be posted tomorrow and it is a dandy.

This card is autographed by Mariners' infield prospect, Even Sharpley.  Sharpley is currently in his second league of professional baseball.  He had quite a good season last year on the Mariners' Arizona League team where he batted .333 with seven home runs and 29 RBIs. His numbers have gone down this season batting .235 with 6 home runs and 42 RBIs, which ranks tied for fifth in the Northwest League.

One thing that is interesting about Sharpley is that he was once Jimmy Clausen's back-up at Notre Dame and even started a few games for the Fighting Irish.

I love when guys personalize autos so that is a plus to this card, also I think if Sharpley gets that average up he could be a star one day and I appreciate that he took time to sign this card for my collection.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

TTM Success 9/1/10- Masterson of His Domain

This post is my last TTM I received on Wednesday but I still have two more I received this week which I will be posting tomorrow and Monday.

This card is autographed by Indians starter, Justin Masterson.  Masterson is currently in his second season with the Indians after being traded to the team by the Red Sox.  Masterson isn't having a stellar season this year but what do you expect when you play for the Indians.

Masterson is 5-12 this season with a 5.04 ERA.  Masterson's career stats include 15 wins and 27 losses with a 4.42 ERA.

I am a big Masterson fan due to the fact that he is a former member of the Red Sox and I appreciate that he took the time to sign this card for my collection.

Friday, September 3, 2010

TTM Success 9/1/10- Orioles' Infield Prospect

This autograph was received on Wednesday just like yesterday's post and tomorrow’s post. This card is autographed by Orioles Prospect, Tyler Townsend. With all the Orioles blogs on here I thought this would be an interesting post for those guys.

Townsend is having a hell of a season, Townsend has played on three Orioles minor league teams this season playing quite well in all of them and continuously being moved up in the organization.

Townsend batted .385 in the Gulf Coast League to start off the season. Townsend was then moved to the Orioles' A team, the Delmarva Shorebirds where he hit .342 with 26 RBIs. Townsend is currently playing for the teams A Advanced team, the Frederick Keys where he has batted .255 with three homers and 9 RBIS and was named last week's Carolina League Player of the Week.

Townsend has a chance at being a star someday in Baltimore if he continues to play the way he has this season as he goes up the ranks of the organization and I appreciate that he took the time to sign this card for my collection.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

TTM Success 9/1/10- Red Sox's Infield Prospect

I decided I would stop showcasing my golf autos for a bit because I have received many autos in the mail today and yesterday.

This post is a TTM I received yesterday of Red Sox's prospect, Jason Thompson.  My previous post was a Yankees prospect so I thought that was kind of ironic.

What many don't know is that other than the Mets I am a fan of the Red Sox.  The reason is because the Yanks and Red Sox have the best rivalry and all of sports and like most people I hate the Yankees.

Thompson is currently on the Red Sox's Gulf Coast League team, the GCL Red Sox. In what is Thompson's first full professional baseball season (he played in one game last season with no at bats) he hasn't played his best hitting .227 with five homers and 23 RBIs.  Though he has not hit his best he has looked great on the bases with ten stolen bases.

I hope to see Thompson hit his stride at the plate next season and appreciate that he took the time to sign this for my collection.