Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Return of Everybody Loves Autos

After a long absence, I will be returning to Everybody Loves Autos.  After starting a YouTube Account, I have decided that I enjoy my blog more than YouTube.  I hope I will be accepted back just like I was accepted in almost a year ago.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

DA Card World Black Friday Box Pickups

Product image for 2009/10 Panini Basketball 48-Pack BoxProduct image for 2008 Upper Deck SP Baseball BoxProduct image for 2007 Upper Deck SP Rookie Edition Baseball Hobby Box
Yesterday and today I picked up these boxes for some great prices at DA Card World.  I got all of these boxes for less than 20 bucks.  The 2008 SP has one autograph while the 2007 Rookie Edition has two and the basketball is just base.

I can't wait to get these and see what I get.
The deals at DA Card World are going on until tomorrow at 12:30 PM.

I think I'm done buying but would love to help my fellow card collectors get some nice deals.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Everybody Loves Autos' Youtube Account

Today I decided to open a Youtube account to showcase my TTMs and IP Autographs.  I will still be posting here but I wanted to join in another community where I can also trade.  You can sub and watch my videos here.

Monday, November 22, 2010

A Disappointed Giants Fan Spending Money and Second TTM during Absence

 Today I decided to post one of my more interesting TTMs during my absence that being the infamous, John Rocker.

Rocker played in 6 MLB seasons four of those being with the Braves and the others being with Indians, Rays and Rangers.  Though Rocker is known more for his off-field actions, he was a solid closer near the beginning of his career.  When asked about playing for my Mets or the dreaded Yankees he said some very racist and inappropriate things that I don't think I should have on my blog. His answer can be found on Wikipedia.

In Rocker's MLB career he had a record of 13-22 with an ERA of 3.42 and 88 saves.  Also, the HBO show Eastbound and Down was loosely based on Rocker according to the creators.  Though Rocker made quite the storm in the MLB I still remain a fan because I love a guy who says what he feels and doesn't give a crap what others think even though what he said was completely inappropriate.  I would like to thank Rocker for signing my card.

Then we get to my trip to the card shop today, the Giants lost again last night to the Eagles and when my Giants lose I get mad and buy card.  Today I did not spend to much money but got some nice cards for my PC.

I bought autographs of Former Mets Joaquin Arias and Anderson Hernandez.  I was looking through the owners cards for sale and found this awesome Willie Green three-color patch numbered to 50.  I paid three bucks for it.  If anyone is interested it is for trade.

I hope I don't have to keep spending my money because if the Giants keep losing I will be on the streets soon.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

First TTM during Absence from Blog- The Ageless Wonder

This is my first TTM of the many from when my scanner was not working and I would barely post.  This card is signed by the ageless wonder himself, Jamie Moyer.

Moyer who turned 48 two days ago is still trucking in the majors.  This season, he played for the Phillies but missed the second half of the season due to an elbow strain.  Moyer recently became a free agent but also just suffered another elbow injury in the Dominican Winter Leagues that could possibly end is MLB career.

I personally hope Moyer can recover from his injury and pitch next season, Moyer is probably the last guy for awhile that could possibly hit 300 wins other than Andy Pettitte.

In Moyer's MLB career, he has appeared in one All-Star game and won one World Series ring.  Moyer has played for the Cubs, Rangers, Cardinals, Orioles, Red Sox, Mariners and Phillies in his 24 MLB seasons.  Moyer has a career record of 267-204 with an ERA of 4.24 in 686 MLB games.

I hope to see Moyer recover and have a nice season next year and would like to thank him for taking the time to sign this card.

Long, Overdue Winner of Contest

I apologize for taking so long to announce the winner of the contest.  The winner is Mike aka BA Benny. I believe your favorite team is the Jets and already have your address so I'll get this out as soon as I can along with ten Jets cards.

Also, it has been awhile since I posted daily, I plan to do that now that I have figured out the problem with my scanner.  I have at least 20-30 TTMs from the break when I was not posting and I will have the first of those later today.

Also, anyone interested in trading shoot me an e-mail, I'm always looking to add some cards to my collection and love to help others with there collection.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Bad Trip to Target

Today I took a trip to Target today in hopes of picking up some nice cards for my collection. I decided to buy one of those packages that has an autograph and four packs and costs 12 bucks.  Then I also decided to pick up a value pack of this year's NBA Panini Prestige.

So I started to open the 12 dollar autograph package first.  I decided to save the autograph for last and open the four packs first.  The packs included a 2007 Topps, a 2004 Donruss Studio, a 2007 Fleer Ultra and a 2008 Topps Stadium Club.

In all of those packs which added up to 21 cards, I did not receive one Mets card or Red Sox and only two rookie cards.  I was fine with that until I got to my autographed card.
First off, I thought the card looked very nice.  It had a jersey piece, a cut autograph and was numbered to 999.  I really liked the card until I looked at the name on the card, Dave Crouthers.  Crouthers was an Orioles prospect and never made it past Double-A.  His career record in the minors was 30-25 with an ERA of 4.07.  I like to collect minor leaguers but I would never pay twelve dollars for an autograph of a guy who never made in past Double-A and is already out of baseball.  I know there are a bunch of Orioles collectors on here, to all Orioles collectors I'm sure you would like this card more than me, If you would like it just post a comment and we could make a deal.   Needless to say, I probably will never buy this product again.

Here are the two rookie cards:

After that came the value pack of this year's NBA Panini Prestige, I really like the look of the cards and came away with a couple for my PC.  I came away with a nice new Amare, Knicks card as well as some nice retired players, a Jordan Crawford rookie card and a Carl Landry numbered to 499.  I have to say I was much happier with the Panini Value Pack then the 12 dollar autograph package.  Here are the Crawford and Landry cards.
I will be back to my usual TTM postings in the next couple of days.