Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hello All!

Hello All! My name is Steven and I am a long-time autograph collector.  I will be posting autographs I have in my collection that I am a big fan of.  I am an avid TTM collector and at least get one in the mail every week.  Whenever I get one in I will be posting it here.  I personally like to collect on card autographs that I have obtained in-person or through the mail.  I used to collect certified autos and still do when it is a player I don't have an autograph of.  I am a huge Mets, Giants and Nets fan and love to collect autographs of those teams.  I obtain many autos at Atlantic League games where some former major leaguers play as well as at Giants training camp and Mets and Nets games.  I hope you all enjoy my blog and thank all who will eventually read my blog.


  1. Good luck with the blog, Stephen!


  2. Thanks Moe!
    I've only been doing this for a little less than a month and love writing every post and sharing my autos with everyone.