Monday, November 22, 2010

A Disappointed Giants Fan Spending Money and Second TTM during Absence

 Today I decided to post one of my more interesting TTMs during my absence that being the infamous, John Rocker.

Rocker played in 6 MLB seasons four of those being with the Braves and the others being with Indians, Rays and Rangers.  Though Rocker is known more for his off-field actions, he was a solid closer near the beginning of his career.  When asked about playing for my Mets or the dreaded Yankees he said some very racist and inappropriate things that I don't think I should have on my blog. His answer can be found on Wikipedia.

In Rocker's MLB career he had a record of 13-22 with an ERA of 3.42 and 88 saves.  Also, the HBO show Eastbound and Down was loosely based on Rocker according to the creators.  Though Rocker made quite the storm in the MLB I still remain a fan because I love a guy who says what he feels and doesn't give a crap what others think even though what he said was completely inappropriate.  I would like to thank Rocker for signing my card.

Then we get to my trip to the card shop today, the Giants lost again last night to the Eagles and when my Giants lose I get mad and buy card.  Today I did not spend to much money but got some nice cards for my PC.

I bought autographs of Former Mets Joaquin Arias and Anderson Hernandez.  I was looking through the owners cards for sale and found this awesome Willie Green three-color patch numbered to 50.  I paid three bucks for it.  If anyone is interested it is for trade.

I hope I don't have to keep spending my money because if the Giants keep losing I will be on the streets soon.

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